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The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre is a special community centre for the Community of Chinatown, the Chinese community and the citizens of Calgary. Its objectives are to serve as a community centre and hub for Calgarians to meet and socialize, and to undertake educational and recreational programs and activities to enrich the lives of all Calgarians.

As a charitable non-profit organization, we rely heavily on dedicated volunteers and community members to organize and participate in various interesting and meaningful programs and events to celebrate our heritages and diversity. We hope that these educational and life-enrichment programs will also have the effect of fostering goodwill and friendship among all members of the general community to cultivate a harmonious society that defines who we are, as Canadians, to the world.

*A Chinese idiom literally translated as “let a hundred flowers bloom, in ten thousand shades of violet and a thousand shades of red”, describing an environment or a process in which every idea and school of thought are expressed and articulated, and every artistic skill and endeavour is celebrated.

Current & Future Events

Summer Camp 2024

Summer camp registration is now available. Our summer camp is a carefully designed program with the goal of providing young participants with a delightful and educational experience during their summer break. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the activities.

夏令營報名現已開始。 我們的夏令營是一個精心設計的項目,旨在為年輕參與者在暑假期間提供愉快而富有教育性的體驗。 活動詳情稍後發布。

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