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The highlight of the Centre is Dr. Henry Fok Cultural Hall, and its 70-foot high ceiling, modeled after the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which was built in 1420 and used exclusively by the Emperors for communicating with their patron gods, and for praying for a bountiful harvest, is magnificently decorated.

The intricate designs on the ceiling include the paintings of 561 dragons and 40 phoenixes. Three different dragon designs ornament the inner dome: spiral, walking, and flying. The four central columns supporting the dome, each painstakingly hand-decorated with genuine gold represent the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter whereas the twelve posts along the middle circle represent the 12 months. The blue tiles on the outside of the roof symbolizing heaven and sky were fabricated by the same company that created the original roof tiles for the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and shipped all the way from China to Calgary. The unique artistic skills and dedicated craftsmanship by 22 artisans from China involved in the creation of this eye-catching dome are most impressive.

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