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"Guqin" is one of the oldest musical instruments in China and is an important part of the traditional music education advocated by Confucius. Learning Guqin will lead you to experience the harmony of life, interlink with the peace of the ancients, and explore the wonders of heaven and earth. Every student will be provided with a Guqin in the class.

Miss Peng Tan studied Guqin under many Guqin predecessors. Her teaching is to combine the art of Guqin with the health and wellness.

Guqin Health & Wellness class poster (3).png



Course ID: A0300
Day: Thursday
Time: 6:10 PM - 6:40 PM
Date: April 18 - June 6,  2024
No. of Classes: 8
Fee: $480 + GST (Guqin provided)

Min No. of students required: 2

Instructor: Peng Tan

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