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Yoga Course

瑜珈訓練可以同時鍛鍊肌肉力量、持久力、平衡力、協調性、彈性度,還包括伸展放鬆、呼吸和冥想等多方面的好處,一舉多得。 這次的瑜珈課程會稍微偏重於肌力和核心力量的訓練,同時也會兼顧平衡力和肌肉舒展放鬆等方面,並提供多種不同選擇,適合不同程度的學員。

Yoga training can simultaneously exercise muscle strength, endurance, balance,coordination, flexibility, as well as stretching, relaxation, breathing, and meditation, all in one go. This yoga class will slightly focus on muscle and core strength training, while also considering balance and muscle stretching and relaxation, offering several different
options suitable for students of different levels.

Course ID: W2000
Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Date: TBC
No. of Classes: 10
Min No. of students required: 4
Fee: $120+GST (Please bring your own yoga mat) 
Instructor: May CHEN

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