Wu Style Tai Chi Quan contains postures and moves for fighting, its small and steady movements will be an easier way for some to access the health and stress management benefits of tai chi. The Wu style may appeal to those looking for a more meditative, quiet practice. This includes beginners with a natural inclination to inner work as well as those with yang temperaments, who seek a very yin tai chi style.

In the long term, the energy benefits in terms of health and relaxation may be easier accessed through the Wu Style of tai chi. However, more up-front energy awareness is needed at the beginning to appreciate the small-frame Wu style.


Master Mo Fan is one of the top members of the highest level of the Chinese National Wu Shu Team. He was awarded the First Class Wu Shu Instructor Certificate by the Chinese National Physical Training Committee. He was also critically acclaimed by the Chinese Wu Shu magazine as the Star of contemporary Chinese Wu Shu master. Rudy Mo won the championship in both Tai Chi Quan and Tai Chi Sword in the First World Tai Chi Quan Wellness Conference.

 吳氏太極拳包含姿勢和戰鬥動作,其小而穩定的動作將是一些更容易獲得太極健康和管理壓力的福利途徑。 吳氏風格可能會吸引那些尋求更冥想,安靜的做法。 
從長遠來看,通過太極的吳氏太極拳可以更容易地獲得健康和放鬆的能量利益。 然而,開始時,需要更多的前期能源意識來欣賞小框架的吳氏風格。

Course ID: T4104

No. of Classes: 10

Time: 11:00AM-12:00PM

Day: Tuesday

Dates: Jan 7 - Mar 10, 2019

Min No. of students required: 8
Fee: $110 + GST
Instructor: Master Mo Fan

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