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Qing Ming Festival 2024
清明節 2024


The Qing Ming Festival has its roots in ancient Chinese tradition and is believed to have originated over 2,500 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty. The festival is based on the belief that it is important to honor and pay respect to one's ancestors, who are believed to play an important role in the lives of their living descendants. The festival was traditionally a time for people to visit and clean the graves of their ancestors, offer food and other offerings, and participate in rituals to show their respect and gratitude. Over time, the festival has evolved to become a celebration of Chinese culture and history, and is observed by people around the world as an important cultural event.

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Qing Ming Festival 2024 event, a celebration of Chinese culture and history that you won't want to miss!  Our event will feature live performances of traditional music and dance, as well as cultural demonstrations, workshops, and activities for all ages. Enjoy delicious food from local vendors, shop for unique crafts and gifts, and connect with others in your community who share a love of Chinese culture and tradition. Whether you are a lifelong participant in Qing Ming Festival traditions or are just beginning to learn about this important holiday, our event is the perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate with respect and reverence. Join us for an unforgettable experience at our Qing Ming Festival 2024 event!


Calling all vendors! Be a part of our Qing Ming Festival celebration and share your amazing products with our community. From delicious food to unique crafts, we welcome all vendors to join us for an unforgettable event. Apply now!! Limited tables available, so act fast! Contact us for more details and to secure your spot.


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