We invite you to join our newly developed learn at lunch hour "Corporate Mandarin" With Cross-Cultural Communication Topics, such as "Introduction to Mandarin Pronunciation", "Business Etiquette", "Greeting People", "Currency and Numbers", "Traveling", "Dining Etiquette", and lots more.

This great opportunity is designed to meet the busy schedules of the corporate sector and for people who have no Mandarin background. Corporate Mandarin is taught from the official Romanization system, Pinyin, no Chinese characters are involved.

Professor Joanna Chang is an award-winning Corporate Mandarin instructor and experienced cross-cultural communication consultant. Joanna’s teaching and consulting clients have included industries such as banking, telecommunications, oil and gas corporations, and governments. Her unique approach of weaving cross-cultural methodology into language learning has been well received by business people who realize the globalization of the world market and want to expand their businesses.

If interested, please contact us for more information as this course is offered outside of the Cultural Centre.