Instructor Tracy Guan has 25 years of yoga experience under the tutelage of the famous American fitness trainer Jane Fonda. Through 25 years of persistent exercise, she has created her own set of very effective stretching exercise that emphasizes on beauty and balance.


Before the year of 2011, Tracy's students in Saskatchewan were all foreigners, including chiropractors, natural path doctors, and senior executives of enterprises. Tracy was also the only yoga instructor and Gym yoga instructor at a famous hot spring hotels in Saskatchewan. The local government also invited Tracy to teach a yoga class for more than 10 autistic children. With 25 years of experience, Teacher Tracy can tailor a set of stretching exercises for each and everyone of you.

Tracy老師有25年瑜伽經驗,師從美國著名健身教練珍.芳達。通過25年的堅持鍛煉,總結出她自己的一套非常有效的美體拉伸操。 2011年前Tracy老師在沙省的學員們都是洋人,其中有chiropractor 正骨醫生、natural path doctor 自然療法醫生、有企業的高層,也曾經被沙省著名溫泉酒店簽為唯一的一位瑜伽教練和健身房瑜伽教練。當地政府亦曾邀請Tracy老師教一班10多個自閉症兒童練習瑜伽,25年的經驗讓Tracy老師可以為每一個人量身定做適合他們的一套拉伸運動。

Course ID: T3303

Day: Tuesday

Date: TBD

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

No. of Classes: 10
Fee: $150 + GST
Instructor: Tracy Guan

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