Portrait Sketching and Painting Level 1 for Senior



Instructor kathy wong is not only a talented designer but also an experienced art teacher. The course will start from teaching observation of the structure of the head to completely draw a head in three different angles and finally color painting. Students will have increased awareness of the proportion of the head and master the basic skills of sketching and begin to know how to do colored painting.

導師KATHY WONG不僅是一位才華橫溢的設計師,也是一位經驗豐富的藝術老師。該課程將從教學觀察頭部結構開始,以三個不同角度完全繪製頭部,最後進行彩色繪畫。學生將提高對頭部比例的認識,掌握素描的基本技能,並開始了解如何進行彩色繪畫。

Day: Tuesday 
Time: 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Fee: $30+GST (Materials not included) 

Instructor: Kathy Wong 

Portrait sketching and painting Level 1