We Were Here: Stories from Early Chinatown


卡城中華文化中心得 Lougheed House Conservation Society 提供《我們曾經在此:早期華埠故事》展覽,在文化中心二樓展出, 大家可透過這些故事了解百多年前卡城華僑的辛酸和所經歷的歧視。歡迎攜帶兒孫參觀,教育下一代幫助他們了解我們的歷史。

The exhibition "We Were Here: Stories from Early Chinatown" provided by the Lougheed House Conservation Society, is displayed on the second floor of the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre. Through these stories, you can understand the bitterness and discrimination experienced by overseas Chinese in Calgary more than a hundred years ago. You are welcome to bring your children and grandchildren to visit and educate the next generation to help them understand our history.


The Chinese community has been in Calgary since the early days of settlement. Chinese immigrants were initially attracted to Western Canada for the gold rush in the mid-1800s and then to work on the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 1880s. After the train line was completed, many of these immigrants moved into the nearby towns, including Calgary. By 1885, the year after Calgary became incorporated as a town, the first Chinese residents were settled in the town centre.   These early Calgarians set up small businesses, mostly rooted in the service industry, and founded social institutions to support the growing Chinese community. Restaurants, grocers, a tailor, and many laundries were established. Many social organizations, including fongs, secret societies, and clan associations, some of which are still in existence today, were founded in early Chinatown.   Chinese Calgarians are an integral part of Calgary’s history, culture, and economy. This exhibit tells their stories, explores some of the places that were important to the Chinese community, and highlights the community’s contributions to Calgary, past and present.

自卡爾加里開埠以來,華人社區一直植根在卡爾加里。中國移民最初是在 1800 年代中期的淘金熱中被吸引到加拿大西部,然後在 1880 年代初期參與加拿大太平洋鐵路的建設。鐵路建成後,這些移民中的許多人搬到了沿鐵路附近的城鎮定居,其中包括卡爾加里。到 1885 年,也就是卡爾加里開埠第二年,第一批華人居民在市中心定居。這些早期的卡爾加里人建立了小企業,主要植根於服務業,並建立了社會機構來支持不斷發展的華人社區。餐館、雜貨店、裁縫店和許多洗衣店相繼成立。許多房、堂所、宗親會和同鄉會都是在早期的唐人街建立的,其中一些今天仍然存在。卡爾加里華人是卡爾加里歷史、文化和經濟不可分割的一部分。這個展覽講述了先僑的故事,探索了一些華人社區的重要地点,並突出展示了華人社區過去和現在對卡爾加里的貢獻。


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