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Jenny is the sixth generation heirs of Yang style tai chi in Calgary, Canada. She practiced yang style tai chi quan, sword, Sabre, long spear, and "Healthy Taichi Fan” for 13 years. "Healthy Taichi Fan” is her original work. “Healthy Taichi Fan” has 40 movements. It is the combination of taichi quan, sword, sabre, and the qi movement. The movements use strength and qi, making it pretty and slow as it goes through the whole body. Therefore, it’s very helpful for the health and suitable for all ages of people. Students must buy there own fan.

(Minimum number of students require: 5 & over)

本課程導師為栗子宜門下楊式太極第六代傳人。習練傳統楊式太極拳115式,太極劍、刀、槍13年。現業餘教授原創作品 養生太極扇40式。養生太極扇40式集太極拳、劍、刀招式於一體,並結合氣的運用,動作舒緩、優美的同時又有太極的勁和力,從而達到養生健身的目的。適合各年齡段人群。養生太極扇課程一共10 節, 每次課學習4式,每週1次課。(需自行購買太極扇)

本課程將由 Jenny Chen 以英語和普通話授課。

(最少學生人數要求:5 人及以上)

Course ID: T4109

Day: Sunday
Time: 11:00AM-12:50PM
Date: TBD
No. of Classes: 10
Fee: $250 + GST
Instructor: Jenny Chen

Instructor Jenny Chen Multiple styles of Tai Chi Price $250CAD for 10 Sessions Sundays 11A
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