Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre Chinese New Year Calligraphy Contest


  1. Dates: 

    1. Deadline for submission:   February 12  

    2. Announcement of winners:  February 15

  2. Categories: 

    1. Age under 10

    2. Age 11-14

    3. Age 15-18

    4. Age over 18

  3. How to compete:   when you are ready to do the calligraphy, get paper, Chinese brush and ink ready, must write with Chinese brush and ink, no pencil, no ballpoint pen, make a video of the writing process and try to make the video under one minute.  Don’t forget to write your name beside the calligraphy. Take a photo of the calligraphy. Upload the video and the photo to the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre website. 

  4. On February 15, winners’ names will be announced. The judge’s decision is final.

  5. Prizes will be awarded to the winning participants (to be mailed to winners, or they can pick up at the Cultural Centre)

  6. Prize structure:

    1. 1st -  $100 gift certificates from our sponsor restaurant

    2. 2nd  - $50 gift certificates from our sponsor restaurant

    3. 3rd -  $25 gift certificates from our sponsor restaurant

  7. Winners’ names and calligraphy will be posted on our web and social media



組別 : 十歲及以下為初級組





10歲以下 -  吉祥, 11-14 歲  - 如意 , 15-18 歲  -  健康, 18歲以上 - 恭喜發財

請將書寫過程拍下視頻, 並把完成之書法拍成照片,將視頻和照片2月12日前傳送至卡城中華文化中心網頁。




冠軍: 餐館禮券$100

亞軍: 餐館禮券$50

季軍: 餐館禮券$25



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