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On June 22, 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered a long-awaited apology to Chinese Canadians for both the Chinese Head Tax and subsequent Chinese Exclusion Act, both of which sought to restrict immigration to Canada based on race. Although Harper acknowledged the suffering and hardship imposed on Chinese Canadians due to these discriminatory policies of the past, most Albertans remain unaware of these historically important events and their continued impact on Chinese Canadians and Canadian society at large.

In the spirit of commemorating the struggle and resiliency of Chinese Canadians, this on-line project has been undertaken to:

1. Educate the Canadian public about the significance of the Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act and to recount the Chinese Canadian experience in Alberta.

2. Reveal how the discriminatory policies of the past and present-day racism affect Chinese Canadians as well as other minority groups.

3. Reflect on the path to healing for Chinese Canadians and explore strategies for inclusion for all Canadians.

A Snapshot Of The Early Chinese Experience In Alberta
A Brief History of Exclusion
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